Bronze Wildlife Sculpture by Shawn McAvoy


Turn your favorite image into a bronze sculpture

Have Shawn create a custom wildlife or pet sculpture for you.  Have your favorite wildlife or pet image transformed into a three dimensional sculpture.  The wildlife sculptures on this web site can attest to his ability to capture a wide range of species with accuracy. 


Steps to take.

After deciding which image you would like to have created into a sculpture think about what size you would like this sculpture to be in height and width and what color patina you want.  Although not necessary it is helpful if you have multiple images of the subject from different angles if available.

From this information Shawn can estimate the price of having the piece made into a bronze. Additional charges will be added later for shipping and when a wood or stone base is selected.  

When you decide to go ahead with this commission a portion of the price will be required to go ahead with this project.  Shawn will keep you posted throughout the sculpture process as it proceeds.  When the clay sculpture is ready to have a mold made so it can be cast into bronze you will be contacted for final approval. A decision on the type of material you want for the base either wood or stone or both, its shape and finish will also have to be determined and added to the price.   At this time Shawn will require the balance to be paid so he can proceed.  The sometimes lengthy process of having the mold made and the piece cast in bronze can take several months to complete depending on the foundries schedule.   

For more information or make an order contact Shawn Via email link below or call (631)559-0179